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On the plains of the Arcane Kingdom, beyond the capital city, in a smaller, riverside city, atop a hill just outside of it, lies a cabin, within which a world of unyielding laughter is found, hidden from the gaze of the world's unrelenting anguish.

Prologue Table of Contents

Betwixt two realms, the larlias whispers prayers into the night, working endlessly to reach salvation...unbeknownst to her, her road to salvation lies within the liberation of another.



Prologue I-Luana, The Siofra of Keona (Coming soon!)

Prologue II-The International Job Fair (Coming soon!)

Prologue III- Streetbound Glamour (Coming soon!)

Prologue IV- My Salvation is Yours (Coming soon!)

Prologue V- Guidance (Coming Soon!)

Prologue VI- The Circle of Keona (Coming Soon!)

Prologue VII- To Tovera (Coming Soon!)

Prologue VII Extra- Exploring Fairytown ~ Luana's Last Stop Before Salvation (Coming Soon!)


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