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About This Site...

~What is Tovera Chronicles About?~

Tovera Chronicles is an online web light novel in the urban fantasy genre that follows the story of a working-class woman named Luana Hoapilli, who leaves her home country of Keona to live in Tovera, the Arcane Kingdom. Not only does this great kingdom have much more to offer in healthcare, housing, and jobs, but it also houses the most magic oriented resources-something that she seeks as well. For you see, Luana has great magical talent, but it has become a blight on her mental health. She wishes to contain it-and if not that, then learn how to channel it and control it through a mentor and be free from its influence.

..But, Luana is not the only person this story is about. Floris Flathri Tovera, a young monarch, who is head of the religion and has great pride in his country, has his own path beside Luana. For him, he finds himself drawn to Luana and her friends whenever they bump into each other, and so he joins in her escapades to learn about magic and the new country she finds herself in. What an honor, for a foreigner to have the prince want to be her friend!

And so a year passes, as Luana and the prince live out their lives in the capital of Abulosa, Luana learning the culture of Tovera, and some magic, and the prince finding new connections and adventures in mundanity.

Unfortunately, life's unpredictability strikes as a great tragedy swarms the great city, forcing millions, including our protagonists and their friends, to escape. However, life goes on, and the government officials assure everyone that everything is okay, and so, moving onward, Luana forms a guild with a few other fellow mages. In it, she can do magic-based jobs for clients, while also learning magic under her new mentor, the Magus of Flowers. The prince, in his boundless curiosity and innocence, visits this guild, watching the life of the mages in awe.

The tragedy casts a shadow over all life in Tovera-secrets come out, ways of life are changed, fairies go rogue, spreading chaos and mayhem, and much turmoil, both politically and emotionally, is unearthed in its wake. As the protagonists and their friends live out their lives on the hill, fixing the arcane and sometimes mundane problems of their clients, they find that the tragedy, the rougue fae, the local's cries for magus help, and their own personal hurt are more connected than they think...

Follow the protagonists, their friends, and their antagonistic yet well meaning adversaries as they survive the world's demons, their own demons...and each other's demons!

~Formatting & Arcs~

Tovera Chronicles has a few big sections:

  • Prologue: Prelude to Freedom
  • Arc 1: The Arcane Kingdom
  • Arc 2: The Chaos on the Hill
  • Arc 3: Leaving Some Time For Love
  • Arc 4: Wounds, Unraveled-Truths, Revealed
  • Arc 5: The Power of the Many
  • Arc 6: The Magus of Fire and the Tears of the Fairies
  • Arc 7: The Fairies, Reborn
  • Arc 8: Rest in Peace, O Benevolent One...
  • All titles/arc names are subject to change. Each section is about 10-20 chapters long, and each chapter is around 15-20 pages. They will be split into even smaller sections with their own subtitles to make the reading easier. Because of the character driven nature of the story, it is possible that some arcs will exceed 15-20 chapters.


    As the author is a college student, scheduling will be spotty. There will be an emphasis on dropping many chapters at once in order to keep updates consistent, but there will be times of hiatus, especially near August, December, January and May. They shouldn't last long, but hiatuses will still be announced/placed on the main page.

    ~The Music Players In Chapters~

    Sometimes, in chapters, you will see this:

    Play Thetis, by Yuka Kitamura

    Though optional, some parts of the story may ask you to play a certain song for certain scenes/chapters or just for ambiance. (How legal this is, I have no idea, but until it becomes a problem or I can afford my own ost...this is the best we got!)


    For the safety of all readers, there will sometimes be trigger warnings before some chapters. This work does contain themes concerning child abuse/family dysfunction, suicide, addiction, toxic relationships/relationship dysfunction, racism/xenophobia/genocide/colonialism, some discussion of SA, and poverty. Please read responsibly!


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