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While most things will be explained in story, some extra juicy tidbits won't be touched on, as the plot must move on. However, that is what Extras are for! Learn about the world of Tovera in depth, away from the limited scope of the story!

Mage Disciplines

What is a Mage? | What is Magic? | Witchcraft | Druidry| Wizardry | Somaturgy | Theurgy | Fledgelings

The Two Schools of Mage Thought & The Cycle of Conflict

Ancient Magedom | Magehood Splits: The Rise of Humanism | The Balance of the Two Schools | Children of the Day vs Children of the Night | The International Treaty of Miracles and Men | "Torchbearers" | "Thaumaturges"| The Torchbearer and The Thaumaturge

The History of Tovera-From the Four Kingdoms to the Four Virtues

The Many Tribes of Tovera | The Kingdoms Form | Four Great Kingdoms, Many Great Tribes | The Oddfolk Mortals | New Faces | The Fall of the Four Kingdoms | The Rise of The Founder, Floris | The Floridian Dynasty

The Other Side and You

Introduction to Planes | The Levels of Spirithood | Changelings | Planetary Rules | The Term "Oddfolk Mortals"