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From the creator's site:

Beloved is a literary shoujo webnovel series following a pair of reincarnating lovers, an imprisoned goddess, and those they hold dear in a long tale spanning hundreds of years to beyond the fall of civilization.

~JK Comic~

From the creator's site:

Jacky and Katherine are 2 girls navigating queerness and neurodivergency, healing, and their place in the world. When you feel so deeply damaged, can you learn to function in adulthood and care for another terrified soul? Can you rebuild yourself from nothing but rubble and an extra hand? Maybe. I guess we'll see.

~Stray Heirs~

From the creator's site:

When an embittered outlaw kidnaps a wilful princess, two kingdoms are brought to the brink of war.

Life as the Crown Princess of Thronheim can get a little dull. That is, until you're abducted by a brutal criminal and embroiled in a plot to overthrow your own father. Can you survive the monstrosities of the Twisted Forest, save your best friend's life, escape an evil sorcerer, and stop a war?

A slightly dark romantic fantasy interactive novel.